About Us

Truly Custom Experience

Frontiersmen Gear was started to provide a truly custom experience when buying high quality, durable handmade gear. All of the handmade gear you buy from us comes with a lifetime warranty, because we stand behind everything we make. 

Lifetime Warranty

The lifetime warranty follows the gear whether you sell it, trade it or gift it.

After reaching out to Tanner it was evident he truly loves the process and takes pride in the knives he builds. I was updated through the build and absolutely blown away when I opened the packaging. The blades mirror finish is stunning and performs flawlessly.
Jay Schallock
Frontiersmen Gear was great to deal with from design to delivery. The craftsmanship and care put in to the knife was first class. If your looking for a new knife I would highly recommend them. Thanks Tanner!
Kyle Giesbrecht

Tanner Dannish - Owner & Bladesmith

I am the owner and bladesmith of Frontiersmen Gear. If you have bought a blade here, it has been built by me. Coming from the North West Territories the outdoors were bred into me.

Growing up hunting and exploring the backcountry the love for everything nature has to offer only grew. That passion for the backcountry has drove me to want to provide the highest quality knives and equipment available, because quality matters when you really need the gear you carry. 

At 10 years old I built my first blade with the guidance and steady hand of a family friend and renowned knife maker Ken John. While it was more then rough around the edges it was sharp and taught me how with time and patience you can turn a chunk of steel into a functioning tool.

Fast forward 10 years later and I was back in Ken’s shop, now doing an apprenticeship and learning the difference between a guy that makes knives and a true bladesmith. With decades of knife making experience passed on, I owe many thanks to Ken for everything he taught me. I will continue learning new ways of building quality blades and look forward to sharing them with you all.